I sent him a horrible text

I accidentally tect him, he said hey? I replied a coue of hours later apologising to which he said 'just want to talk to me?;)' I replied 'I just lay on my phone? If I wanted to talk I'd have replied'.

I feel really bad, I really like him, what should I do?:(

It was like 3 in the morning too..
I said sorry straight way but I still feel bad..


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  • You already apologized, that's a good start. Call him up and invite him out for something. I take phone calls a little more seriously myself. Shows a bit more effort and sincerity when somebody actually wants to hear your voice and not text back at their convenience


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  • It's cool, I mean, I would apologize for your outburst, we know women say things sometimes they don't mean..as long as you apologize, we're pretty cool with it

    • Don't feel so bad. Like I said, we know women do these things, you're fine

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  • tell him that it was a mistake and that you're really sorry. phone him if needs be don't just text again! he should understand if he likes you too ...

    • well then you're exaggerating. it was a mistake no reason to sweat over it when you've done your best. just wait to see for what he says .

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