Receiving short answers, but in this situation?

We had originally fallen out due to me being rash and removing her off twitter/Facebook but we had flirted before, she started seeming off with me because of removing her. I apologized but got no text back, so left it a week and a half and then sent a Facebook message.

Basically, I said "How’s grumpy guts been lately? Don’t be angry with me, because I think you can raise me one better with a smile! (Looks like this by the way --> :) ). I don’t wanna argue with you or fall out over something stupid either, would still like us to be friends. You game with that?"

She replied with something like "me grumpy? you was the one who went on the deleting spree!" and said she knew that I knew I was wrong for doing that and then said "here's the smile you're looking for :)"

So it was a good start, she accepted my Facebook request and I teased her a bit for it and said "I reckon I can get this girl to follow me back on twitter, one condition.. before I turn grey and wrinkly"

She replied with a short answer "we'll see". I decided to put the same amount of effort in by replying "ha okay". The morning after she follows me replying "done :)".

My reply was a sarcastic comment such as "That’s good, to think my twitter wasn’t the same without that follow of yours :O" and she replied "Glad I made things okay again".

After this I asked if she had been up to trouble lately and she replied "me? trouble? never"

I'm not too sure whether you could count those short replies as disinterest, but some of them were. Could be playing hard to get, I'm not sure, but I have a feeling she knows that I like her and whenever I show less enthusiasm in a conversation such, it seems to spark a positive action from her? I don't get it.

Should I just reply with short answers too and only make the same effort? She's been responding to my messages since I apologized (over something silly) and also responded to my flirty messages. Or am I over thinking this?


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  • It seems that she's having fun playing with you.

    Don't reply with short answers.

    It will just let her get the message that she's boring you.

    • Thanks for the reply. Although when she said "me? trouble? never" and my reply was "i bet it’s secretly your middle name.."

      She replied to that "it's not" (again, another short reply and seems a bit disinterested). My reply to that was "maybe I should become a detective, see whether you're lying!"