Series of questions for men about their behaviors.

I saw some for women, and it was very interesting to see the different answers women put up. Now I think its the man's turn. haha. Please answer seriously and honestly. THANKS :D

1. Why do men gossip so much with their friends?

2. If men don't respect or like sluts, why do they pursue them so much?

3. Do you ever think about your wedding?

4. If a man in a wonderful relationship, with a wonderful girl. Why do men still cheat on her?

5. How do you know you really like a girl?

6. What do you think about a girl wanting to wait until marriage, or at least a few months to have sex? Explain.

7. Are you afraid of commitment? Explain.

8. In your opinion, why do some women need to always be in a relationship to feel fulfilled?

9. Have you ever cheated in a relationship? Why?

10. What is one annoying thing women do in a relationship that you cannot stand?

11. If you claim to like a girl, or act like it. But don't call her or ask her out, what are the reasons behing this?

12. What are signs a girl should look for that her man is losing interest in her?

13. What is one relationship advice you would give to all men? women?

14. What attracts you about a woman. Physically and personality wise.

15. What is one thing a woman could do to win your heart?

16. Do you tell your friends everything about your relationship?

17. Why do guys love to watch lesbians in action?

18. Would it be okay for one of your guy friends to date your ex?

19. What is the most romantic thing you would do for a woman?

20. How do you REALLY feel about women that expose their bodies with promiscuous clothing?

21. What is one thing you admire about women?

22. What is one thing you would change about the opposite sex?

23. What do you think about a girl approaching you first?

24. Why do some men act very intersted in a woman, then suddenly lose interest?

25. Why do some men flirt with women, even though those men love another woman?


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  • Fuck these are way too many questions but you know what I got some time to kill so why the hell not. Enjoy lol.

    1. Gossip? What's this "gossip" you speak of? We just tell it like how it is. Here's the kicker though, usually what we say are "the highlights" of our girls. You don't hear too many guys saying negative stuff unless they're depressed, and even then we try to keep it down low. It ain't cool to talk about sad stuff.

    2. Because sluts have "that look" that most of us guys can't resist. The reality is, we just want nice girls who can dress up in a way that'll give us boners.

    3. Not really but I have thought about having my own little bastards. Hey, I can't help it, I'm a family guy.

    4. The guy cheats on her because she's probably not putting out.

    5. I know I like a girl if she's always on my mind.

    6. If I really like the girl then I'll be willing to wait. But all throughout that time she better not be banging some other dude on the side and lying to me about that whole celibacy crap.

    7. Nope, not afraid of commitment. I don't do anything in between like that whole FWB and flinging sh*t that most people seem to get into these days. Heh... and they wonder why they're confused and live their days full of drama?

    8. Women are lonely. Men are too but we don't admit it.

    9. No. Cheating is for people who don't know what they want. Which is why I'm straight up with a girl from the get-go, I either like you and want only you, or not.

    10. They act all emotionally detached. Hey, us guys want some lovin' too. Be affectionate.

    11. We don't want to come off as desperate and clingy.

    12. Too many to tell but I hear the book, "He's Just Not That Into You" has some good points.

    13. Be real about yourself and your partner. No lies, no faking, no bullsh*t.

    14. She's nice, affectionate, fun, flirtatious, smart, open-minded, and not shallow.

    15. Accept me for who I am and be loyal.

    16. Not everything. But again, only the "highlights". I don't like telling my boys anything bad about my girl. Doesn't reflect nicely on me or her, and God forbid the bad stuff could be used as blackmail in the future.

    17. They're usually erotic about it. Sometimes we wonder why our girls ain't like that with us?

    18. They're exes for a reason. Sure, whatever floats their boat I could care less.

    19. ;)

    20. How do you REALLY feel about women that expose their bodies with promiscuous clothing?

    21. Their sexiness.

    22. Nothing. If I didn't like the opposite sex for who they are then I'd be gay and hooking up with dudes.

    23. Awesome. Shows that she's willing to take the initiative and that's attractive.

    24. Again, it's so we don't come off as desperate. Either that or for some reason the girl ain't putting out like she should.

    25. Subconsciously we want to keep our options open, but girls do the same. It's just a matter of willpower and values that prevent us from cheating.

    • Oh and to answer #20:

      Doesn't leave anything up to the imagination. Come on now...

  • 1. Because competition between males is always hard at work, even it when it comes to joking..its kind of like survival of the fittest .

    2. Most of the time we don't actually know they are sluts until its too late and we are hooked...or if we do know then we are just trying to get some.

    3. Nope

    4. Mostly because the relationship goes dull and there's not enough sexual tension to keep it fresh.

    5. For me its all about how I feel when she looks at me, its hard to be technical cause it just happens lol.

    6. Waiting, because it just makes more sense to know more about what someone likes before just jumping right in, not to mention its more relaxing.

    7 Depends how insecure the girl makes me feel, If she is trying to insult me a lot and talk about other guys hitting on her then yes I'm going to be very afraid of committing to her. But if the girl is alright and has morals it's a lot easier to try.

    8. So they don't really get called any names or lose reputation,or are lonely and needy.. which to me is pretty classy but at the same time they hurt themselves in the long run by limiting the amount of situations possible that can happen...thus hurting experience.

    9. Yep, If I'm being treated like crap by my girlfriend and I have a chance to be treated like a man, I'm gonna take it!.

    10. They seem to need to be in control or have some sort of control ...which is pointless there should be no controlling coming from either side.

    11. Not really sure if she is feeling the same way, or there's something about her that throws you off.

    12. When other things become more important than even doing simple things like cuddling. or they fail to reply to communication

    13. I would tell them that in my opinion...Your soulmate will never complain about anything you do...they will be right there by your side laughing or crying but never EVER complaining about you.

    14. Personality she has to be witty and just fun, Looks wise doesn't really matter as long as she takes care of herself and always tries to look and smell good.

    15. Never complain about what I like to do or want to do lol instead just laugh and have fun with me.

    16. Not everything but when I give advice I give examples of my past situations to hopefully help their situation

    17. Its kind of just a sex addict kind of thing ...2 is better then 1

    18. Sure I don't really care, just because it didn't work out with her and I , doesn't mean it wouldn't with him and her.

    19. Depends on the likes/dislikes of the woman but I do everything I possibly can to make sure she knows she is appreciated and desired.

    20. Wouldn't bother me unless I'm married to her...marriage just has its own reputation and I don't wanna look like I married a slut.

    21. Their sensitivity to things

    22. Nothing really

    23. No problem with it!.

    24. Because she is probably throwing him off with attitude or ego.

    25. I believe its because a guy needs to keep his composure and if his loved one is not boosting him when he is down, flirting will boost em.


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