Dating and Autism? Does anybody have experience?

Hey everyone,

in recognition of Autism awareness month, I have an autism related dating question.

I have two autistic nephews who are 6 and 9 years old. They are both pretty attractive little guys, however the older one is high functioning and the younger one is low functioning.

(For those who don't know as much about autism, the "functioning" level explains how close they are to appearing or acting normal)

So does anyone have any experience either personally being autistic and dating or dating an autistic person?

Ladies, what would be better than a boy who NEVER lies, right?



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  • I didn't autistic people before.

    Though, it may be really a challenge.


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  • It deepens my brother, has uncontrollably severe, chances of him having a normal life, 20%

    People with mild, 65%

    As for people with little here and there, 80%

    So the older one, 65-80%

    The little one, 20-65%

    Sorry to break some bad news, but my brother will never have a real normal life.

    • the older one turned 9 today.

    • Oh, tell him Happy Birthday! But you never know, they could have a good life, keep your hopes up, I am for my brother.

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  • It hurts guys more than girls because anything that involves being socially impaired is going to screw men more than women for obvious reasons

    • True, that makes sense. I bet hot autistic girls have great lives.

    • yep since us guys are expected to approach, it makes perfect sense

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