Guys: if you say thIs to a girl...

"I always want to kiss you whenever I see your picture" or "why else would I want to kiss you allllll the time?!) is it because you like her in a I-want-to-date-you way or is it a i-want-to-hook-up-with-you sort of way.

I'm expecting different answers from different men since every man is different =]


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  • seems pretty clear that he likes you in a romantic/[physical way. based on that statement alone it seems impossible to assume he wants to date or just hook up. there must be other things he says or does that might give an idea about his intentions

  • I hate to say this but the answer is completely flawed because the question is flawed by itself. It is something that depends entirely on consistency and can range from flirtatious interest to genuine lifelong love. Furthermore I could say that even for myself and for quite a few people I know; it is the stage in which the message occurs as well as it's rate of repetition that dictates it's value versus the message itself.

    The best answer would be one of infatuation if this is said early within a relationship prior to 90 days and one of dedication and love if this is said later within the relationship after about a year with the inbetween being a mix of the transition between true dedication and emotional growth.


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