Why do guys lead on girls?

This guy was really into me, asked me out for my number, text me constantly, when I finally agreed to a date he's like blowing cold for some reason?

I don't get it he was the one into me, more than me into him and I thought I'd give him a chance to get to know him on the date and he's not replied to my messages since?

Why is he doing this? confused


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  • Males are stupid. That is your answer.

    For a longer answer none of us can begin to guess why he is doing this. All of our speculations are going to be likely shots in the dark that "might" hit the target or totally wayward because honestly we don't know anything about him.

    • Haha! neither do I. But I sorta have my answer don't I? He can't be bothered to text back, means I shouldn't be bothered about going on a date with him?

    • That is exactly the case. If he offers a strong reason there's always room for forgiveness but honestly you've got a life to live and he is not required.

    • Thank you! :)

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  • What was your "date" plan? Did he ask you out to dinner? If so then he probably canceled it because he found out he has no money to spare :/

    This sh*t happens to me all the time, especially when my bills get automatically deducted from my bank account A DAY BEFORE the date happens. Then I am forced to cancel it.

    • Date was just drinks, and if he wants to cancel it, I'd appreciate a reply, but nothing ATM and its been a day.

  • Why do girls do it?

  • Shouldn't go out with him if you're not that into him..you're leading him on!

    • Ha! No I'm not, I don't really know him, so happy to get to know him, hence arranged date, that he hasn't really confirmed.

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    • No, if you don't know him well enough to say I'm not that into him, your mind is playing tricks on you.

      Don't lead him on

    • I don't think my mind is playing tricks on me, I don't get where you got that from.

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  • Who knows. Maybe he got busy, maybe he's back with the ex, maybe he has a GF, maybe he met someone else he is more interested in . . . regardless of the why, it's the WHAT that is most important. A guy that is into you, will call you, make plans, and stick with them. He may have a valid reason for not going but not calling to let you know, well there's just no excuse for that.

    • Yeah very true, hate being left hanging like this.

  • Im sure you're not alone with this problem. I've got it too, and I wish I had an answer for you. ;(