What is my next move?

Well I've been talking to this lad for 7 months we met up in person 2 months ago and met up a few times...linking arms and hugging as far as its gone...and they've never been labeled as a 'date'.

I really like him and I know he cares about me...i went out on holiday and got really drunk and was really ill and he was messaging me to find out if I was OK and was really concerned...we joke and just get on.

I don't know whether he's interested me like that but I am in him and I don't know whether to tell him because I know he said he wasn't looking for a relationship because he's been in a bad place after his last relationship or something...we Skype most nights and text all day when we both can...help!

He kissed me! we shared a hotel room and there was lots of kissing and cuddling! nothing has bee said since and it was 2 nights ago but I haven't seen him I've been working! what do I do/say ahhhh


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  • Well for him, he's not ready for a relationship and you obviously are.

    So if I were you I'd keep him at a distance until he's ready and move on to looking for dates elsewhere.

  • If you are aware that he is not looking for a relationship just be passive and let him come to you. It's the easiest way to get a read on the situation before you leap as well as avoid the pressure trap that he might feel which will cause immediate rejection to avoid the situation.

    Of course if you're daring and young and dumb confess and then see where that goes. I imagine it will start off awkward but it will mend itself ... or not.


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