Were did I screw up with this girl?

Ok for starters I haven't got much experience dating. Well this girl I've known but haven't talked to broke up with her boyfriend due to him cheating. Well she messaged me on FB gave me her number, and I waited a day and hit her up. Well we gone out on a date and hung out, I stayed at her place, but we didn't do anything, and she cam over to mine one evening made out just kissing I tried to go further but she stopped me and told me not to rush and she wasn't looking for anything serious.(work, school, recent break up) well I started flirting with her, she flirted back and now couple days in she doesn't text me like she use to and I'm mostly the one initiating the conversations, and text her. When I ask her if she wants to do something she usually says she can't. Were did bomb and can I fix it?


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  • Maybe nowhere. Maybe you two just didn't click.

    Unless this is a pattern, let it go.

  • You didn't screw up.

    Perhaps, she's really not that interested in you.