What are the rules on a blind date or has different meaning? the date is on the 17th

I am 23 and she's 29, we have been emailing and texting for a month. Likes and dislikes...ect. We never exchange face pictures we openly said about each other, we have never brought a subject about sex, which is good about it. Seems we have common likes.

I've told her, I like to take things slow and easy before moving up, and she totally agreed. I suggested her to be friends only and if we get along and see we like each other than we proceed. If I don't see no connection than call out either be friends only or nothing at all.

She works at a dealership and I am college student almost finishing my college, later joining the law enforcement field.

I do write loooong emails and she likes it, says the person has a lot to say and that is what she likes.


she is Aug 15-Leo

me is Dec 3- Sagittarius

What the rules for blind date? I mean reason I call it blind because we haven't exchange pictures. Any recommendations, advice? thanks.


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  • There are no rules.

    Simply be yourself, and enjoy the moment.