Why do guys do guys think it's OK to ignore someone?

I've started seeing this guy, it's been just over a month. We've only seen each other twice cause he leaves an hour away. Before we met he already lied about his age, saying he was 22 but I found out he was 21. I didn't care either way just annoyed he couldn't tell the truth. But I put it aside cause it was before we met and I didn't want to hold it against him cause I felt a connection. We've been talking every day so far, exchanging phone calls and video talks on Skype. He has admitted to liking me, he'll tell me I'm beautiful and that he misses me. Which is sweet. Things started to take a turn last weekend, when I was away for my great grandmothers 100th birthday so my feelings were up and down as it was the last time I'd see her. He knew I was a bit upset about that. And before that weekend, he has spoken to me about wanting to go away on the weekends with me, and I went along with it but inside I was screaming "ahhh to soon" but just played it cool, so, he mentioned it again before I went away and I don't know if this freaked him out or not but I casually said to him like, "i'd prefer you to come over and hang here, meet the family sort of thing before we go away anywhere" whether that's freaked him out or not, I'm not sure. But it shouldn't of cause he did reply saying he would love to do whatever I wanted to do. So that whole weekend he was acting dull and less enthusiastic to talk.. Come that Sunday night when I returned home, he apologized for not talking as much and that he has been busy with work and assignments. And I didn't reply to that till Monday morning before work, and I wished him goodluck with the assignments. And I haven't heard anything since. And it'll be a whole week by tomorrow. Now I'm just puzzled and confused. In my past relationships, I was seeing a guy who ended everything through text after 3 months and used the "im busy with assignments" excuse as a way of ending everything. So maybe apart of me feels like guys just say that to me as a way of ending it/pulling away. So on Monday night/Tuesday morning, I asked him if he is OK. No reply. He has said before that he doesn't like talking on the phone and that it's small talk. My argument was to him, how else am I supposed to get to know you if we're just texting. So he eventually replied saying like, "if you ever want to call ill pick up, I guess when your getting to know someone you have to leave your comfort zone" So I figured if it was all in my head and nothing was wrong, he'd pick up the phone. So I tried to call and he didn't pick up. I then a day later sent him a message saying, "Hey, you said I could call whenever so I did but you didn't pick up. Now I'm just confused and unsure, your treating me like I've done something wrong. I've been nothing but honest with you. I still care for you but I can't if you don't tell me what's going on, on your side."

And still no reply. Now I've left it alone now, just don't get why he's treating me like I've done something bad.


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  • You simply have to stop concerning yourself with that guy.

    He's not worth your time.

    • Okay, I'll try, it's just hard cause I was beginning to care for him. I just hate not knowing why someone is ignoring me. I feel like I need to know why so I can have that closure. What should I do if he tries to contact me

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