This guy will always stare at me but not talk to me but is into somebody else?

There has been this guy I've liked for awhile and sadly haven't been able to get over. We were "talking" for about a month and a half but then he stopped talking to me out of no where. He never told me why or anything. I then find out that he started talking to another girl. I stopped talking to him but he's been on my mind EVERY DAY no matter how much I try to distract myself. He'll still like my Instagram pictures but not text me. We're cordial but that's it. But every time I see him from a distance I always catch him staring at me. It's been almost two months now. But WHY would he continue to stare at me and creep on me though he's been into another girl, but he won't text me or anything either?


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  • It seems that he still is into you, but decided to pursue his current girl at the moment.


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