Why will a guy stop or decrease the amount of texting?

So we have been texting back and forth for almost a year. At work we'll send each other emails as well. (it actually started with work emails then when we exchanged phone number, we started texting)

Just recently he would either not reply or respond very slowly. Now I admit I wasn't necessarily asking him a question, but he used to respond even if it weren't a question.

We don't really talk, just text. What's happening?

I really like talking to him as a friend and maybe more. I just feel like our friendship is now in a downward spiral...


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  • I wouldn't say him talking/texting less is a "downward spiral". Maybe he's just busy with other things. Maybe he's just kind of becoming more content with your guys' situation, sees you more and more as just a friend.

    If it's been a dang year and you think you may like him as more than a friend, why not bring it up? I know it's some forbidden cursed act for a girl to take initiative, but it couldn't make things worse than they are, right?


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  • It must be that he has just gotten busy, or there's nothing really interesting to talk about anymore.


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  • If he doesn't respond at all, he's not into you. If he takes a few hours, that's life being busy for him.