I Haven't heard from her for 3 days, and every time I text her it's a new topic

They say women don't like to reply to certain topics and or they just don't like to talk a lot about one topic (ADD?) but the girl I like hasn't replied to three different topics in three days. I have gotten it down to only texting once a night to see if she'll reply but I Haven't heard anything for three days about any of those topics. is this a bad thing...i know she's not busy because I text her at a reasonable time..and I know she's feeling OK because she just got off of being sick. I'm at a loss here


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  • I mean at worst it means she's not interested. As a girl, if I'm interested in a guy then I would text him back. In fact if I'm really interested in a guy I have to control myself to not respond immediately because I'm so excited. But I will only wait up to an hour at most before replying. Then again it depends on what type of girl she is. Maybe she thinks texting shows that you don't really care. I would try calling her if this is the case. If she doesn't pick up or call you back, then I would give up until she actually starts to show some interest, otherwise you will just annoy her.

    • She doesn't want me calling her. She has to call me..so it's whatever..I'm just going to have to keep trying to text her since it's the only way I can contact her otherwise

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