Old fling asked me out on a coffee date to catch up... is this a date?

a girl who used to be a client of mine (commissioned art work), I am now hers (massage therapist) whom I had a fling with about a year ago while we were both in relationships (as far as I know we both still are) is going through some stuff both at home and work and asked to meet for a coffee date. thinking about it now after I agreed I am wondering if I agreed to a date and if so what the protical is... admittedly we both fell pretty hard for each other but for the sake of our relationships (hers one year common law and mine 8 years on and off common law) we decided to break it off... I still want her at least in a physical sense however I am torn within myself about whether or not I would want a real relationship with her. coffee is tmrw so any advice would be appreciated.


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  • Come now, any contact between you two is going to be a date, regardless of how it's packaged or presented! People without this history, a coffee get together might be just a friendly chat, but for you, it's a date!

    No puns intended.

  • Stop putting a label on it and just let it be a meeting between 2 people...