Is this too much? doesn't make sense...

so my girlfriend and I were txting back and forth, she told me that night she will go with her aunt for some work related stuff. We were talking normally then suddenly at 4pm she stops replying to txt... so I am thinking "ok.. maybe she is busy and stuff, I'll leave her alone." Four hours later (8pm), I sent her a text asking "with aunt?", nothing, no response, so I think "ok... maybe she is still busy, maybe having dinner". Three hours later (11pm), I sent her another text "r you ok? haven't heard from you since 4pm, I'm starting to get a little worried" I even called her and got her voice mail, left a message. Still nothing, no response. I went to bed worried, woke up at 3am, checked my phone, still no responses, I sent another text and called her again, still nothing... I drifted off again and woke up at 6am... still nothing... OK, at this time I'm pretty worried, I'm thinking up all these scenarios like she got into a car accident and stuff like that... I called her and nothing... I drifted once again back to sleep and woke up at 8am. I checked my phone and got text messages from my girlfriend but she was yelling at me "why you wake me up in the morning?!?!? I WAS SLEEPING! this is not normal behavior! why you being so annoying?!? I am an adult! nothing for you to worry bout!"

at this point I'm pretty I am worrying bout her and I get yelled at... I am no way being clingy or controlling or anything... I just don't get it... she even said "so? sometimes I don't text my friends for like the entire day and they don't think I am in danger..."


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  • Well if you were just worried then she should have no reason to flip out like that, just apologize and let it go. Next time it happens give her a day or two. If it starts becoming really common for her to fall off the face of the earth for a few days at a time, then you can start worrying. Don't be confrontational though just speak calmly and say "Look if your not going to text me back for days on end I'm not sure how a relationship is going to work." Hope it helped!


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