Is the "push/pull" method really effective when dating?

I'm just kinda sick of this game. Maybe it is just me being impatient but if I like a person, I will tell em. If they don't feel the same, well I walk away. But my friends are like "girls should never make the first move!" or "wait for him to contact you first but don't respond right away". IT'S UTTER MADNESS! Are these mind games really necessary?

I would like opinions from both guys and girls.


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  • You're friends are gonna end up in some really garbage relationships. I think girls who insist that only the guy can make the first move are insanely immature and the whole don't respond right away is their fear of being clingy. Treat texting like you would with any other friend of yours.

    Girls who make the first move have a much higher chance at their relationship being successful because the guy will actually know you're interested in him. Personally, if I am initiating all of the contact it tells me that I am gonna be taken for granted in a relationship with them. If a girl is taking forever to return my texts, I'm not gonna bother pursuing.


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  • you are supposed ait around so that he's the only one who knows what's gong on. then think about it so people can say girls think too much about details. if you have no information what do they expect.

    imo, you should not play games because it waste your time. avoid dating people ho expect you to, because you have better things to do with your time then being left in suspense. he's not in suspense if he's controlling everything why should you be? your time is just as valuable.

    youre supposed to be put out so he can feel like a 'man'. he's not doing anything so that you feel like a a woman, and an equal opportunity participant in your own life . its bs.

    also I don't know the way your friends sound sounds like you could use some new blood.

  • You should follow your heart since you dare to make first move, why not? Don't listen to your frens.