Confused I want to date girl but don't know what to do about it

so I'm not actively seeking a relationship or on any " dating sites " but I meet this local girl I really want to date . and I'm sort of confused about the whole thing and if I should make a move or wait a bit . are any of these reasons a reason to wait to ask her out or not ask her out entirely

- she is 20-21 and I'm 28 so older than her

- she is just finishing college semester so have exams soon

- I currently do not have a job but are making some money through online sales ( that's actually how I meet her at post office )

- she does not have a boyfriend to my knowledge and I couldn't accept it if she were to date anyone else at this time

- she's good looking is she just going to think I want sex as I'm older ? I'm very attracted to her but want more than just sex

- we haven't talked much yet so I'm not 100% sure of her level of interest but I feel I have a chance as she's not showing classic signs of no interest at all and seems to be in a good mood when I see her


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  • Just tell her you think she's cute and want to hang out with her some time when she's free. The only thing holding you back right now, is yourself. You're making up excuses in your head to make you NOT ask her...

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