Questions for overweight people

I hope I don't offend anyone with this question but I need to ask about this. While I live a busy life, I have an online dating profile up that I look at when I get a message but I don't go online messaging girls trying to pick up dates because I am busy. I am in-shape and workout very often. I notice that I get messages every so often from overweight women and I am not attracted to overweight women. So it brings me to these questions.

Do these women realize that I don't reply to them because they are overweight?

I'd also like to know, are overweight people willing to date other overweight people? I ask this because I was talking to someone once who was getting to know a woman over the phone and he was telling me he was worried that she was overweight when he himself is extremely overweight which makes no sense to me.
Questions for overweight people
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