Can you relate to this: high school dating, now 4 years later... I need advice

so now that I'm older, I have looked back when I was in high school and wow I really should not have dated. I was so not ready, immature, young, did not know how to express myself, etc. (but at that age, I didn't realize it) there was this one guy I dated and he was so sweet to me but I broke his heart. I didn't realize how much you can hurt someone then.

once I was in college, I wanted to apoligize to him in an email and ask how he was because I missed him but I chickened out because I thought he still hates me.

now that I'm out of college I do want to message him ...i feel he prob doesn't hate me and thinks our relationship in high school wasn't totally that big of a deal because it was really innocent dating... we were each others first boyfriend/girlfriend. (the most we ever did was kiss lol)

so I guess my question is ... if I messaged him "hey how have you been" ...would you think he would message me back? (we Haven't talked in about in 4 years) ...boys, what would his reaction be like?how would he feel? if he talked to me, would he want to meet up and possiblely date me again? ( I just feel with my experience now, knowing who I really am, and being myself, we can have a fair shot- that's also hoping he has not turned into a different guy, but looking on fb he looks still okay)

just be honest! thank you :)


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  • I bet he'd be more then happy to hear from you. When you're young, that's when you are still learning so of course you aren't going to be able to express yourself. It's a stepping stone to gaining experience. As long as you weren't super mean there's a good chance he still thinks of you in a good way. 4 years isn't really all that long.

    Contact him, he'll get back to you I'm almost sure of it.

    • no I wasn't super mean I was just the one who broke it off for dumb reasons because I got scared

  • You should just message him.

    As a guy, it doesn't matter to us.

    We usually forget about the past, and are more than happy to have lost bonds connect again.


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