Meet a guy online for three dates and then he disappeared for about one month

the story is I met a guy online for three dates. and he brought one of his mates on the second one. and on the third date he tried to hold my hands but I just pretended to notice another fun thing and escaped from his hand. and after that we didn't text for about one month. but suddenly one month later, he texted me and I was surprised. he explained that he was busy and sorry about that. and asked my if I wanna see him again. so in the next month we text occasionally and set the fourth date..i suggested to go to a wildlife reserve and he seems very happy about it. we are going to meet this week but I a don't really don't what is going on.. does he want something from me or just because he got bored can't find other girls, so he asked me out again?

i come to update our fourth date.. I got late for half an hour..not on purpose. and when we were waiting at the station, I again tried to touch my hand and hold my shoulder.. I was still joking around with him, but didn't escape this time. and on our way to the reserve, he suddenly stopped and turned back to kiss me. I was a bit of shock as didn't expect he would kiss me on the street..i said what. and he said trying to give you a kiss. and after saying that he kissed me again.
and the rest of the date, we almost held hands and he stopped three times to hug and kiss..i mean those really intimate kisses, like lips, cheeks, forehead, neck and hands ...and on the train back home, he also hugged me all the time.. but he didn't walk me home as we just said see you later in the changing station. so I went home and he still in the train because seems need to go to his work place. and during the date, he checked his phone a couple of times. although not in a hiding way. any opinion?


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  • If you're going on 3 dates and not even able to hold hands something is very wrong. I think he moved onto someone who is capable of showing interest back and since it didn't work out he came back to you. I don't blame him if he tried to meet another girl and don't think he should even bother going back to you.

    • :(

    • Sorry if that sounds harsh but if you're interested in someone and you want to be close then it makes no sense to pull away from his advance to be close to you. Think about it, if you wanted to hold someone's hand and they intentionally distracted you would you stay interested in them? People want a mutual attraction, not a chase game.

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  • He no doubt is chatting up a lot of online profiles, and when you didn't let him hold yur hand, he checked out some other girls online..

    and I think you are right, after he= struck out with the other prospects, , he looked you up again. so .I wouldn't be too optimistic here!

    • Sorry if that sounds too judgmental..but I think you're wasting time with him!

    • i think so. because since yesterday he didn't send a message whatsoever.. I think I am done with him..

  • He really want to reignite things again between the two of you.

    He's just genuinely busy the last month.


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  • Honestly,I don't think he is that into you...or he has you on the backburner. A guy wouldn't disappear for a month WITHOUT NOTICE if he was totally into you. Don't you think that is a little rude to leave you hanging?You can give him another chance if you want,but I wouldn't.What he did is disrespectful...but...your choice.

    • so how should I behave this time?

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    • Avoid going back to his place etc.Then we will see what's up.That's if you're going ride this situation out.

      But,I don't think you should be wasting your time anyway with this guy. Good luck.

    • thanks so much.. you are definitely right...i am wasting my time now..