Urgent: I need a response before or if he text back. How should I react? Should I contact him?

There is no doubt in my mind that the guy I am interested in likes me a lot too. Yesterday, I was having one of those evenings where I wanted to get out. I thought of him because he initiated a text the night before. Anyway, I asked what were his plans for the night and he said just chilling. I told him that I was texting everyone to see what they were up to and that I was trying to get into something. He then text that he was hanging with friends and that he would let me know where they were just in case I wanted to meet up. I told him that I would like to come because all my girlfriends wanted to go to a club and I wasn't in the clubbing mood. He told me cool and that he would let me know. It took him time to answer my text and I was thinking that he was trying hard to set something up. I don't think he planned to go out at first. Anyway, he said he would let me know. An hour went by and I text him to let me know if the place accept cc and is laid back because I wanted a drink. There was no answer. I text back that it is getting late and that "I am going to probably watch a movie or something and that if we don't meet up its alright because I can get my drink tommorrow"...still no answer...I also let him know that I miss him. He knows that and also that I am straight forward. by the way we are getting to know each other but lately we both been busy with preparing for changes in our lives (jobs). Anyway, should I be cool about it if he text back? Should I let him text first? I also think its weird that his last Facebook status was that he was getting out just minutes after I said I wanted to come and he seemed excited. He hasn't been on Facebook all night (you can tell by chat message now). That is odd for him because he is usually on there. What should I be prepared to say? I feel weird and I don't want to act a fool lol...I am glad I text back a calm message considering that we are not in a relationship.


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  • Don't over think things. He probably got busy with something...Just text him that it's getting late and he doesn't need to schedule anything for you tonight, that you've decided not to go out...

    • Yup that's what I did. I don't want to come off as clingy but I hope he doesn't think that I was real disappointed because I am not texting him. I just think he should be the first to text back.

    • Yes, I agree.. BEst Answer!

  • just chill out! you seem wayyyyyy obsessed with the guy. Don't be "prepared" to say anything. Just ask him how his night was and then chat about whatever.


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