If a girl just stops texting you; opinions please

If a girl just randomly just stops texting you. What is your opinion.


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  • Do you mean for days/weeks/months?

    Normally if anyone stops talking to you, they want to end contact, unless they're injured or something.

    Most of the time, its that they don't want to talk to you anymore.

  • She's not interested, it's been days.

    Unless, you know she has a busy schedule.

    • as we texted for days, it has been 48 hours, I'm not the type to go chasing either so if she is playing the old I am hard to get-I leave. Moving right along.

  • It means she doesn't want to text you. Same if a guy randomly stops texting a girl.


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  • Then you stop.

    A guy should message once and then wait for her to respond.

    Don't double message: "are you there, are you there"

    Don't try to necromance a dead conversation.

    Just text her again another day.

    If it's a pattern of her not answering, delete her number.

    • This guy gets it! No kidding, NEVER EVER text a girl "Are you there?" What the hell, are you thinking when/if you text a girl that... If she didn't respond to the previous text, she won't respond to that one. Not only to texts, but even if you do online dating as well..

  • do nothing. I never trust the free dinner.

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