24 and no dating experience. What should I do?

I'm 24 years old and have never been on a date, had a relationship or even a kiss. All my friends think this is totally crazy because they all say that I'm an attractive girl and that anyone would want to date me.

I don't even know how I got to this point and I feel really frustrated.

I'm social, kind, was always good at school but can't seem to find a nice decent guy who isn't just after sex. For me, the right thing to do is to wait for marriage when I know I've found that special one. But lately, I've been feeling really lonely, depressed and sexually frustrated. I'm just dying to meet someone to fall in love with and I'm afraid it's too late to find the right guy since I have to start from zero at this age.

I've always imagined myself being married around mid 20's..

I don't know what to do anymore :(


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  • I'm gonna be a jerk and tell you the truth you better tighten up your panties and swallow it. You got no experience, don't date, have never kissed someone and are unapproachable. It isn't that you might be ugly, your problem is that you don't even try dating. You expect to be married to someone and then have sex with the person. Sadly that was possible 40 years ago. Nowadays you sex someone before making a serious commitment. Being on a DRYSPELL (SEX deprived for a long period). Is the worst state to be in. Why? because you often don't think straight and focus on your PERSONAL goals with the person (I'm gonna use him/her to my advantage) which is like shooting a .44 on your foot. You hurt yourself more than you get the results you wanted. Your best bet is to flick that bean like crazy and start doing more of what doesn't feel O.K. you've played your dating game in the safety zone for so long that you're now depressed and Irritated.

    Girls at 28 and 35 start having kids. You got 4 years to get in dating shape and fight for your options or you're gonna be left with leftovers.

    I'd be embarrassed if I were you. Being at level 0 at 24 years old...were you living under a rock or something

    • The last line was completely unnecessary, but the first paragraph was a decent indication of the thought processes of most these days, and I especially like what he said about you trying to date. As for the personal attack, ignore that. No one should ever feel embarrassed or ashamed about anything, and certainly not about standards.

    • I agree seems a little harsh, you were doing well until the end

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  • How do you know these guys just want sex? and .. do you save sex for marriage ? it seems more and more a problem in the western world to think like that . Although it is not necessarily the case in other parts of the world.

    The issue here is to find like minded guys. May be in church etc..

  • well, it‘s a embarrassing problem. but don't worry about that. you have no experience with the date means you have the high requirements about man. just make it slow. one day you will meet the one.

  • i'm 25 and never had a girlfriend, still a virgin


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  • Get out there and date. Go on dates with guys you don't think are your type, go out and have fun, go dancing, go hang out, go to art openings - get yourself out there. Meet new people. You might find yourself clicking with someone totally unexpected! You don't need to give into the pressures of sex, but you should get out there more.

    And DO NOT BE EMBARRASSED. I can't even imagine why so many people are telling you to be. As if slut shaming isn't bad enough, we have virgin shaming now?

    Remember that the most attractive thing in a person is a positive mindset. You're going through a tough time and you are completely entitled to your pain, but it will pass and it will get better. You are worth loving and you will be loved, probably sooner than you think.

    • If your nice version doesn't convince her maybe more of my tough love will. Nice post.

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    • I guess you're right. I barely go out anymore, my closest friends are either engaged/newlyweds and expecting babies. Think I just need to meet new people and socialize more. I also have too high expectations in men which is holding me back. I'm going to take your advice and just step out of my comfort zone and get out more. Thanks a lot!

    • Good luck! And remember, standards are never an issue. It might mean that it takes a little longer to find the perfect guy, but it will happen!

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