Which are the best dating sites?

the question says it all? I've been hurt and burned many times been in long term relationships most of my adult life longest being 5 years shortest 2 and guess Haven't found the right guy and would like to settle down. can't seem to find the right site or type of guys since any good sites out there?


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  • I tried Match and had great success with it. I did my research and found Match and eHarmony have the best reviews, but I chose Match because if you don't meet someone in 6 months, the next 6 are free. So basically you either meet your match or get a year on the site for $100. I met my boyfriend after three months; it does take a little patience, but I do think it works. Your inhibitions are lowered when it's anonymous till you choose otherwise, and you can look through hundreds or great guys in your area who are all single. My boyfriend tried eHarmony as well and didn't like it as much, because you only get a set number of matches per day and can't just browse the site. Sooo, I'd recommend Match. It worked for us (been together over a year now!), it was a good value, and there weren't scammers or fake profiles like on the free sites. Good luck! Hope this helps! (:

    • ive done match I have had luck on it my recent ex of 5 years it was close to 6 when we broke up I met on there and he just played me towards the end maybe eventually I will go back on there I just don't want to see him on there lol. I did love him but I guess I learned the hard way

    • Yeahhh, hate when guys do that, I'm sorry ): if you remember his username or can find him in the search, just go ahead an block him as soon as you get it set back up. That way you can use the site without worrying about that :) I really think Match is the best out there. Haven't tried others, but I never experienced any of the common online dating complaints while I was on there. Hope you meet your match soon! (:

    • thanks I'm really ready for true love and I know exactly what I want in someone I def don't want one of those sites where all the guys do is waste time. def don't need the scammers or fake profiles either I've kinda learned how to spot them over time as well if its to good to be true it prob is. Good Luck with your relationship! =)