Why won't he talk to me??

Ok so I started texting this kid & we text each other all the time and he's a total flirt and in every single message there is either a ;) or a :) and the messages are really long and he almost immediately responds. When he doesn't he explains why "sorry I was fishing, you wanna see the big fish I caught? We should go fishing sometime" but the weird thing is that at school he never talks to me! He will just stare at me but he won't talk to me! And his friends notice this (I'm friends with like 2 of his) and his friends always ask me why I don't talk to him and they always try to get us to face each other & it kinda works, but we don't talk, he stands there awkwardly and looks at either me or the ground. And I don't talk to him because I'm stubborn, because he said that he would talk to me at school, and the last time we did I started the conversation. When I point out that we text all the time but never talk he says "o and I will talk to you at school" & he still hasn't! It makes things really awkward especially when I get a text from him 5 seconds after he walks away :P and my friends make it awkward, my friend even walked up to his brother and asked him if he had trouble talking to people :P like what's his problem?


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  • It seems that he's just shy in person.


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