Not interested? Or did I just phrase this really poorly?

Met this girl online, we texted a lot before meeting in person a few days ago. We chatted, had a couple of drinks, there was some brushing up against each other and a quick hug goodbye as I had to rush out for a concert. I told her I'd like to see her again sometime when I didn't need to sprint out, she told me sure, just let her know when.

We're still chatting pretty often, finally late last night I got my work schedule for the week, and sent her a text saying 'hey I'm open Friday evening if you want to meet up this week! Sorry I can't really do any other times though, it's a pretty busy week. Regardless hope your shift goes well!'

She was at work, and it took an hour to get a response (which I didn't see til this morning), but all she said was 'haha thank you sir!'

I'm probably worrying over absolutely nothing, but is that a no? Or just a 'I should come up with something more specific to ask her to'?


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  • Pretty sure it's the latter! If she didn't want to catch up I'm sure she would've said 'Thanks but I can't...'


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  • She's being vague, though it seems that she wants to go.