Good dating spots ideas to get to know each other better?

Me and the guy I'm dating are in a point now where we don't know if we will continue or not due to being so different...

Therefore, we'll go and hang out as friends only to get to know each other better with no pressures and figure if there's something going on for us...

I asked, so I should come up with a good plan, right?^^;; Help?


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  • Picnics in the park, dinners at your place or his, walks, hiking...all these are good ways to spend time together.

    • But aren't those a bit too romantic? Not sure a dinner at my place would be a safe encounter, lol.

      I'm not sure if I should really treat him as a friend and stop all flirting altogether too...

    • But they also offer an opportunity to talk. How about a museum, then? IJS, you're not going to get to know someone sitting in a dark theater watching a movie, or at a loud concert/club.

    • Yeah, the idea is spending time together and talk, but going somewhere may help on expanding conversation topics. More than we'd be able to just over dinner. The museum sounds good. Thanks!

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  • Well depending on where you live , an afternoon on the beach or in the park sounds like a good place.

    But if you're opting for something a little less romantic, a dinner could be OK I guess :) In my opinion anywhere where you can sit and that isn't over crowded is a good idea.

    • Yeah, I'm looking for less romantic options! We go to dinner, but then end up staring at each other looking for a common conversation topic... I was thinking more like going to the zoo or watch some game so we can have something to distract us and keep the conversation going, but not sure if it's too safe >___>

    • oh that sounds awkward haha. how about a funfair ? or a movie ? or if this relationship is as bad as it sounds why not come around to the idea that it's not meant to be? Sorry it gives me NO pleasure in saying this it's just my personal feeling.

    • lol, it's not as bad as it sounds, I'm probably just freaking out. Either way, this is exactly to find out if it's worth pursuing it any longer...

      Thanks for your ideas!

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