Has he blown me off?

Okay so I met this guy called Chris, he seemed confident, he's well built works out plays soccer and that. We were texting for like 10 days every day and decided to go on a date. It went really good and after 3 days we went on a next one in his house. We were just watching films and drinking pop, but it got quite late and I didn't have my car so I stayed the night. Chris wasn't trying to do anything sexual even though it was out second date and we haven't even kissed. Deep down I can tell he's shy and not very experienced with girls although he doesn't seem so at first. He was sharing his personal memories with me that night and things that you wouldn't say unless you trusted the other person. We did end up making out for a while but that was it. Next day he's had to go back to his parents house and family in Louisiana for Easter where he was meant to stay for two weeks. His last words to me that day were: ill see you after Easter. I've texted him 2 or 3 days later but the conversation finished after 4 texts, as he didn't reply to my text. I have him on Facebook and during Easter he added a picture of himself with his baby niece so I liked it. I'm positive that he is back, but he hasn't contacted me by text or Facebook for over 2 weeks, but he has been chatting to other people on Facebook.

I thought we were both into each other. I know he's a bit shy when it comes to dating but not that shy..

Should I give up, or what should I do?

Thanks, Manda xo


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  • Hey, Manda! The guy seems good. Only that he's a bit shy, and will get back to you soon, if he's into you. Stop thinking too much. He is probably busy, just casually call him after couple of days and have a brief chat, and plan for your next meeting. I'm sure, if he's interested in you, he'll give a positive reply.

    Cheers, Manda!

  • hasn't necessarily blown you off


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