Should I date someone else so soon?

I've known this guy for 11 months and we dated for the last 3 months. Off and on during our short relationship he would completely ignore me for days at a time. and when I would try to break up, he manipulated me with telling me how much he loved me then ignore me again after a week or so. This went on for a while, and I was feeling fed up and really lonely even though I was "dating" someone and a thought occurred to me that I felt single! at first I was surprised but, it couldn't be helped. So three days ago, I tried calling my boyfriend and his phone service was off. I (again) Haven't heard from him in a while so I decided to leave him a message on fb. Well when I got to his page I realized why he's been ignoring me because there were messages on his wall from other girls saying "i love you baby" and "Y hvnt you text me bk" I was a little hurt, and decided that we were over, but I didn't leave a message because I didn't want it to start unneeded drama with the girls on his page when we should all be made at him. But I met this really cool guy recently and I'm wondering is it wrong to get with someone else because I've felt "single" for a while and I technically didn't have a chance to tell my boyfriend we're off?


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    because the relationship you are having with this guy, is not right.

    I can't say what's wrong and what's right, every couple's different, but this guy is completely ignoring you for a week and doesn't make you feel his special girl.

    why do you call him as a boyfriend? did he ask you to be gf/bf? if he did, why would he ignore you out of blue and come back and disappear again?

    I wouldve left it already if a guy is treating me that way.

    If you can't confront or doesn't feel needed to ask him about what are all these girls on his fb, and you are afraid you'll start a whole drama, then that just tells me you guys aren't in real relationship. If I believed he was my boyfriend, then I absolutely left a message on his wall saying what the f*** these chicks calling you talking to you. because he is my man and other chick shouldn't say I love you, I'm waiting for your text(unless theyre teasing or for whatever personal business matters) anyways, you did a good job on not leaving any message on his wall because then you would attatch to that again, waiting for his response so and so.

    go out with this new guy, and see how it goes. and you do not feel guilty or bad or anything because you absolutely deserve better. you tried whatever you could do, now let your boyfriend work on you if he wants you back. but the way he's been ignoring you, not contacting you for a week for few times and there wasn't a valid reason, he's not a great guy and you deserve better.


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  • Hi. I know he is giving you conflicted messages, but he just isn't that into you. I would love you to feel your own worth and what you deem acceptable to you. when you find your worth and stick up for your values and treat yourself well and listen to your feelings, then you will find those guys just won't be attracted to you anymore. you will attract men who will treat you the way you know you want to be treated. If a guy ignores you, don't chase, ask him if he is into you or not as you don't want to waste your time with guys who are not into you. as a woman, sit back and relax into your own skin, live your life and let the men come and stay or come and go, but don't cling. when you love yourself you won't need to get love from others. good luck

  • You've tried to talk to him, so it's totally fair. Also, considering his reasons for this, the fact he's cheating on you, it's completely justifiable. Don't pass up a great opportunity for a bad relationship.

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