How often do you date someone different?

Are they similar or different in terms of looks?


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  • Well, my first boyfriend was 5'9, thin and stringy, with brown hair and green eyes. He tanned really easily.

    My current boyfriend/second boyfriend (same person) is 6'5, thin, but fit (swimmer muscles), with broad shoulders and blond hair and blue eyes. He's as white as a sheet.

    So...not very often apparently lol. They're pretty much opposites. Except for the fact that both are extremely intelligent and that's what attracted me to both of them in the first place. But aside from that, they're totally different in looks and in personality.


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  • It really depends.

    I mean, I can go on a lot more dates if I wasn't so picky. So, not too often. I'll find a guy or two (maybe three) and go on dates but that's rare, kind of...

    In terms of looks, They're all different facially. Height wise is about 6'0"-6'2" - Besides having a good jawline.

    I don't know if voice counts or not but it's a big thing for me. It will play a huge role, the moment they say hello. I want a voice that is able to turn me on or at least, I like it.

    This new guy that I'm currently going on dates with, he has hints of European accent, which is hot and it's pretty deep.

    Now, as for the body.. It varies, tone to muscular.

    Thing is, what I've noticed... They're all nerdy... Which is a turn on as well. And more common interests.

  • Not often.


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