Do you think my friend is flirting with danger...

My MARRIED friend is hanging around with a male friend of hers A LOT. They flirt with each other and he is over her house a lot. He is about to get married and I think they are just friends, but something just doesn't sit right with me. She hasn't said anything to me but I can tell she really enjoys his company maybe more than she should. I totally trust her but don't want to be naive or make something out of nothing. I notice him touching her a lot and they seem to have a lot in common. They get along better with each other than with their spouses (or soon to be spouse for him). I guess it could be innocent. What do you think?


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  • It may or may not be something innocent. If you are worried about protecting your friend from some possible mishap, consider the following:

    1. Is she in a happy marriage?

    2. Are there children involved?

    3. Is she a normally responsible adult?

    4. Is he a player?

    5. Do their spouses / would be spouses know about them?

    6. Are they meeting secretly?

    • 1. Yes

      2. Four

      3. She likes to party

      4. YES

      5. Yes

      6. Don't think so.

    • Then I feel there is nothing to worry about. In any case keep us informed.

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  • It may or may not be. In either case, it is not anyone else's business. They are adults and they should be able to judge for themselves what is right and wrong.

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