Guy seemed super interested in me, but suddenly stopped?

This guy asked for my number at a party, and he seemed really really interested in me. Like, he approached me and said some cheesy things about me being really pretty and wanting to get to know me better and stuff.

He texted me and our conversation seemed to be going really well. At first I thought he was kind of a player or just being a smooth talker, but then after talking to him I actually felt like he was being sincerely a nice/sweet guy.

Then we added each other on Facebook & he saw that I was into this genre of music & he texted me saying "oh your into ___? :OO" & I replied and asked about his music taste & then he never replied... And it's been over a day, so he's definitely seen the message..

I mean, since we hardly know each other I won't be too butthurt about it, but since 1.he asked for my number 2.he was the one really into me 3.we were in the middle if a decent conversation o___o I don't know what's going on lol. I would've at least liked to have gotten to know him better.

Should I just forget about it until he texts me again or... I don't know I feel like it'll be awkward for me to text him again because I was the last person to reply.

Also, why would he just stop replying? -_- Sigh, I don't understand.


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  • You should let him text you back first.

    You asked him a question and that is your sign that you want to continue to talk to him. Also, if you do text him again and he still doesn't text you back, you will feel very stupid. Be patient.

    Furthermore, He could be doing what 50% of us guys do which is play you, and see how bad you want us. This is one step we use, very little texting and a whole lot of playing the girl of our choosing. We wanna know how bad you want us, so we will ignore you until we feel we have gotten you to feel helplessly vulnerable to us and that is when we strike. If this is the case, only text when he texts.

    Don't seem needy. Just like girls that turn down guys who come on to strong, guys avoid needy girls.

    Finally, if he doesn't text you back within 2 weeks, it's over, move on, surely he found something better to do, and is doing what us hunters never do...leave our girls in the cold for that long.

    • I think I agree with this. Especially the if I text time again and he doesn't reply I'll feel stupid part, ahaha.

    • It would be Bold of you to text him back now and you would know right away if he still liked you or not, and would be able to get over him a lot quicker, if he didn't text back.

      But if you like him and want to play the game a little, don't do text him back. Everyone wants what they can't have, and if they have to work for it, it means so much more in the end.

    • Hmm. I know this would probably be immature, but a few friends have suggested sending him a blank text just to see if he responds. Would that be a bad idea?

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  • Dont act like that you are intrested in him attitude

  • You should text him again and see what happens.

    He must've just gotten busy or he lost phone.


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  • He might be busy doing something. But don't text him again until he responds.

    • Smart girl...that makes the game much more challenging because us guys think that the girl is losing interest in us and make us want to text back, to make sure the game is still on.

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