Cheapest dating site?

I only use oasis right now, free. It's okay but I don't know not very active and maybe a lot of the people on it aren't so serious about dating as they're only using a freebie. I'm being careful with my cash so I'm looking for a cheap dating site. A decent, cheap dating site. Do you know which is the cheapest? I'm in the uk by the way.


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  • Ok Cupid.


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  • The cheapest dating site, and nearly free, is the real outside world.

    You can meet up women, gauge their reactions on the spot.

    • I can't meet up women because I don't talk to strangers, anyone I don't know, and I can't gauge they're reactions on the spot primarily because I have aspergers and I can't read people at all. Some people aren't so ale as you in this area, some people have these things called disabilities, social difficulties. You say I can cause their reactions on the spot as if its as easy as watering plants, and I think its narrow minded to think like that. Ignoring that some people don't have the natural

    • Ability to understand people.

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