Dating a girl with criminal record ?

so I find out my girlfriend I've been dating has been arrested for robbery, battery, and aggravated battery. Do I sneak off in sunset, or throw this under the rug and continue in relationship?


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  • I'm in the same boat as yours.

    I found out my guy has been arrested for stealing smt, faking bank forms,

    but I decided to throw under the rug, because I liked him much I guess..

    After seeing him for 2 mos, he oneday came up to me told me all his dark pasts..well he didn't tell me the details but revealed to me that he was several times arrested and went to jail.

    It did change my thought of him when I found out he had criminal record. it seemed like he would manipulate me, lie to me, and play with but he hasn't been arrested eversince we started seeing each and it doesn't really bother me that much so I'm having no problem seeing him. if it was something serious like abuse, drugs, something like that, then I would def think again because he has possibility of hurting me physically... I don't know stealing and faking is still wrong but...

    If that bothers you alot, you can talk to her. I would kinda freak out or mad if my boyfriend background checked me like that, but what can I do, now we can check all through the internet and that's wht I've done in the past. why don't you talk to her about it and see you two can keep up the relationship. or you can just wait and see if she comes up with it first like I did. I honestly didn't expect him to come up clean at it was a bit surprise, but I actually did appreciate that he shared his dark pasts. because he must had known there's a chance I wouldve left him after hearing it...


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  • Ohmy! How long have you known her? And If she mentioned that to you, then it shows she trusts you as much as you trust her. But if she never mentioned that to you...well I don't know man lol

    how long have you known her?

    • No I found this out on my own. She never told me. Known her for 2 months

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    • and thanks for the BA.

    • oh wait sorry, the last comment wasn't for this one ha ha lol

  • I suggest you talk to her about it.

    Does it affect the way you feel about her romantically?

    If it does then break up with her.

  • Bring it up to her.. Ask her there's always two sides to the story.. Find out what happen before you assume the worst.


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  • Well, past is past.

    Accept her wholeheartedly.

    If she does something detrimental, then you can leave her anytime you want.