Back to dating world...what do you think of this date?

I am not sure how it went. I was very nervous and I told him that I was. A lot of what he said, I felt that's me, that we have so much in common. So I really didn't say a lot but was really happy, smily and we chatted more. He seems really excited about meeting me.

It was just a quick meet up for a drink. He was so excited, he asked for dinner date next week. because he will be gone this weekend on a business trip.

He walked me to my car and at some point put his hand on my back. We chatted more by car, hugged but he didn't attempt a kiss.

I text him thank you after I got home. He text back that we will speak real soon.

So what do you think? Should I text him between now and next week or just wait for him? I am still really nervous lol. What do you think? Did it go well, does he like me?


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  • NEVER text first! Never ever ever...well you get my point. Another thing, HE said "we will speak real soon", so count on it. Otherwise, you could blow every potential thing away including your next date. He didn't kiss you, because he respects you, and since you two were drinking alcohol, he didn't want to ruin the nice evening with a bang, if you know what I mean. and the whole hand on the back gesture indicates he's into you. Sounds like it went really well! Good luck sweetie.

    I repeat...and I'll say this again, I repeat, DON'T CALL HIM! HE'LL CALL YOU! Make him work for you.


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  • If he doesn't get in touch, send something cryptic in a few days. A smiley face or something. Lets him know you're thinking of it. Thinking of what? Who knows. He has to get in touch to find out.

    You're the girl. You have the poonanie/vajayjay/whatever you're comfortable calling your hoo-hoo.

    After the first date you have the power of the above.

    Aside from being crude, I mean you have the luxury of waiting. Men like to chase.

    Just wait for him to get in touch.

    • Yes, thanks for tips. But as a guy's point of view. Do you think the date went well. Is no kiss funny mean he is nOt interested?

    • Putting his hand on you means he's attracted. Not going for the kiss means he respects you and feels that he'd blow it trying to get physical too quick. Next time (in case you didn't already do it, of course), if you're not talking a lot, make a point of telling him that's because you feel the same as he does. Just like you did in your question.

  • He seems interested in knowing more about you. I'd say at some point, send him a text saying that you hope he's having a good day. Add a smiley to it, but nothing more. When was the date?

    • Last night, it was like a quick meet up to see if there is chemistry before spending too much time chatting. Thank you.

    • Okay, yes, it sounds like things went well.

  • go for it if you like him.

  • If he's really interested in you he will text you first. Don't text first, then you will never know if or how much he is interested.


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