What Birthday gift should I get this guy I've only dated for about 3 months?

I have been dating this guy for only 3 months and even though we are exclusive it's still not "official." I know I could get cologne, a gift card, etc but I had the idea to get him a Popcorn maker.. I know NOT SEXY BUT he LOVES microwave popcorn and loves watching movies at home so I figured this might be a "healthier" alternative to always making 2 bags of microwave popcorn. And I'm even considering getting him his favorite flavor kettle corn. (It's one of those Wabash Valley Farms Popcorn makers in case you wanted to know what I was talking about.)

Any feedback guys would be great. I'm just now torn if I should just go the "typical" route of a cologne and b-day card or something where he can make as much as he wants and it's fresher and side note healthier. It just may not be something he uses "all the time" like possibly cologne which he also really likes...


Birthday confused...

Thank you EVERYONE! Loved the response as I pretty much decided to go with it too. .I wanted to do something fun and that he enjoys..

BTW to Polemical1777 that's the obvious I was asking more from someone who is in a new relationship and not get him something "obvious."

Thanks everyone else who was nice enough to leave me your genuine feedback I do appreciate it. Just needed some unbiased feedback.


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  • I'd say, go with the popcorn maker. While both gifts show him you care, the popcorn maker will be something he may not expect, and he may be surprised that you put the thought into a hobby of his.

    also, think of what each gift tells him. Collogne says "you should smell like this when we go out on dates." and the popcorn maker says "we should watch movies together and use this." choose the one that sends him the message you want him to hear.


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  • hmm, personally I wouldn't go for the popcorn maker. ii woulddo the cologne thing but if you want to be different, maybe set up a nice movie night at your house, rent a few/buy a few dvds, make loadsa popcorn, order a pizza and make a desser or something.

    but its up to you, your the only one here that knows him and knows what he likes so do what you thinks best

  • Hmmm...All I can say is, do what your heart says. ;)

  • I'd say get him the popcorn maker and celebrate his birthday by having a movie night together. If that's a hobby he really likes, it should show him you're paying attention, and also that you'd like to spend time together. :)