Texted a girl for 11 hours straight... trouble talking in person?

So I asked this girl to prom, a few days later we started texting and I texted for 11 hours straight with no gaps. Now the problem is when I walk up to her (I have the courage to approach her) I struggle with what to say. I don't know what to do or how to act. Its hard to force a conversation. I talk to girls all the time it just seems trickier with this one (maybe because I like her so much?). Any tips? Simply "acting normal" is hard to do. I don't want to just stand or sit by her in silence nor do I want to say something stupid. Any advice is much appreciate?

By the way my age is actually 17, I made this account and put that as my age for god knows what reason.


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  • Talking to girls is just like talking to guys except you can't comment on how big their chest is. just pretend you are talking to another guy or a close friend when you are talking to girls who intimidate you