Should I Contact Him or Try To Get Over Him?

A couple months ago I started talking to this guy. When he first started trying to pursue me, he was completely infatuated. He couldn't leave me alone.I don't talk to many guys, I don't trust them & at my age I'm fully aware that guys aren't too serious about trying to get to know me and be in a serious relationship so I typically turn down guys all the time and really don't give them the time of day. When he first started pursuing me I initially gave him the cold shoulder. Responded late to his text messages, tried to you know scare him away & turn him off, get me to leave me alone. As time went on, he became more and more persistent in his approach and I started to like him. I told him he was a cool person after all. As we started talking more and more we eventually started "talking". You know like getting to really know each other and open up and what not. I a bit more than he. He was interested in my poetry, and writings, he told me he'd always be there for me, he told me he wanted me in his life, he wasn't after me for sex, all the right things you know? I fell for him, hard. Fast forward to the middle of our "talking" period, he made a complete 360. He was spazzing out on me, questioning my loyalty to him (he had people watching me in and out of school), and whenever his watchers told him they saw me with another guy or whatever he'd flip out. Anyways things got really weird between us & we argued about every other day. We never got to see each other because of uncontrollable circumstances and it just got bad. He never told me about his past, never talked or wanted to tell me about his parents, I think he had abandonment issues which is why I overlooked the people watching me and what not. I wanted to be there for him My friends told me that I should stop talking to him he had issues. But, I was already emotionally attached to this kid. I told him about things I've never shared with anyone else and it felt good to have someone around you know? When he wasn't all crazy acting he was a really good guy. Anyways I continued to talk to him fast forward to the end of our "talking" period. We were talking less and he never seemed interested in talking to me unless it involved sex. One day we were having a conversation & he made it clear that he was only still attracted to me because of my looks and he didn't have interest in me. I was distraught and told him I couldn't talk to him anymore. I got really depressed after not talking to him for a week so my emotions took over and I contacted him. I realized that was a mistake and again during one of our conversations last week I told him I couldn't talk to him and ignored his texts. He hasn't tried contacting me and he's all I think about day & night, during school, & I know he's over me, probably doesn't want to be bothered with me, probably has moved on, but I just can't stop thinking about him and if I don't talk to him I think I will harm myself. What do I do? How do I accept not seeing him? Help.


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  • It's not worth seeing him.

    He's just using you for sex and nothing else.


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