First date in a while and out of practice... little help?

This is sort of embarrassing... but here it goes.

Been single for a few months (reason for I will keep to my self) and I no longer am used to dating. Sounds weird I know but it seems Id been in a dating decline for a while till I finally got so fed up (again keeping reasons to my self) I quit for a bit. I have been described as "cute", "charming", and "kind".

This girl is a little different in that she isn't just some one to mess around with (to my shame passed girl friends were). She goes to my church so I want to be a little less... well childish(?).

So what I'm asking is: I like to dress up (every day) but what is to dressy for a movie?

What kind of cologne would you recommend (our first date and I want to make an impression)?

I'm used to fast pace and passionate relationships and I obviously want to slow down, what would be to far in the compliments department for a first date?

I really don't want to screw up this time, either by losing interest or making her loss interest for what ever reason.


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  • Too dressy for a movie is a tux. Just wear a nice jeans, sneakers and a shirt. Cologne: one you like and maybe got complimented on in the past.

    Just give her a compliment when you see her (you look nice, you smell nice, I like your hair, that's a nice shirt/dress, ...) but don't give her more than five the entire evening.

    Just be yourself and don't over think things.

    But do invite her for a drink after the movie because you won't be able to talk a lot during.


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