First date help!!!:)

I already know what to wear:)

-where to go?

-what to talk about?

-first kiss?!?

-any other important information?



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  • -He should plan where you go, unless you asked for the date. Dinner, a park, etc. is good. Something like paintball or laser tag can be fun if you're into that, or bowling or tennis. Go somewhere you can talk and get to know each other!

    -You can talk about anything! Just see where the conversation goes. You can people watch, talk about the activity you are doing, etc as well as talking about yourselves.

    -He will probably initiate the first kiss if it's appropriate for the first date. (Depends on how well you know each other, whether there was a spark, whether the circumstances are right...) It'll be fine, don't worry (: your body will tell you what to do!

    Just get to know him and have fun! (:


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