Do you believe online dating?

Have you tried?

Do you believe in the Internet to find your lover?

Or you have succeeded in finding a lover!

Tell me what you think?Say your opinion!


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  • Pretty common topic! All I can say is, it worked for me (: my boyfriend and I met in March of last year and have been together ever since! He's amazing. (: I went online because both my school and work were in pretty bad areas of town, and while I got hit on by a lot of creeps, I didn't meet any nice/normal guys. I did my research, found Match and eHarmony have the best reviews. I picked Match because it was cheaper. There were a LOT of people on there haha. It's not instant, took me about 3 months to meet my boyfriend, but I'm so glad I tried it! I'd definitely recommend Match.

    • thank you for the answer I like it you mean yahoo match You meet your boyfriend what?

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    • give you ba sweetie

    • Thanks! :D

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  • No I don't believe in online dating being it is very unsafe and you can easily be deceived. Although, there have been some positive outcomes of online dating the terrible stories that come on television that reflect online dating that went wrong I feel its not worth the possibility of being harmed. You know your motives but you never know the other person sincere motive. Meeting people through mutual friends can be just as dangerous but overall at least you already know the persons habits, history etc. verses meeting someone that you don't know and you can only go on their word of their character, history, and all else that you look at to decide whether you will date someone or not.

    • Because you are too realistic

What Guys Said 2

  • statistics say that 1in5 relationships today are a result of online dating. At least that's the statistics for the states.

    There are very shady sites that offer dating services but also VERY credible and trustworthy ones. I met me fiance on eharmony (not trying to advertise) and I honestly could not be happier.

    I found a better partner than any of the many girls I've dated in my past so yes I 100% believe in online dating as a legit method; however, I do believe that people should be smart about the sites they use

    • thank you for the answer bro

  • I believe in them, it worked once, but it's just pure luck.

    Though, it would really work if you keep on trying.