Why can't he just let go when its been so long

my ex ignored me for 6 months all of the suddent, well we dated on and off and he was my best friend, and I guess I fell in love and he knew this but used it to his advantage.. And I got really hurt,

he suddently stopped talking to me and got in a rel with another friend of his and I was shocked and hurt, they broke up after 4 weeks, she dumped him

and now after 6 months he has been liking my pictures and he contacted me and said oh we suddently lost contact, and that is a lie because I contacted him a lot and he ignored me..

The weird part now is that he is dating another girl, he says they are good friends atm but doubt it

and he flirts with me and asks me if I'm dating anyonw and tells me he really wants me as his friend

what to do

most hing that hurts me is that I've known him for 3 years, bee great friends is how he treats me,ive been there fo him, supported him, ad he treats me like sh*t, he recently moved to my town I live in the city and he's from a small town and he thinks now that he is here he's such a big guy and he can get laid and get with girls who are 19 when he's 23

he should grow up


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  • A guy being with girls that are 3-6 years younger then them is nothing special, it is actually NORMAL. Most guys have younger girls like that.

    But on the topic, my guess is. When he got dumped by his lovers he just felt lonely again, and in that lonelyness turns to you.

    The bad thing about that is, even if you take his lonelyness away, get together with him, if there comes another girl he likes more he will most likelly leave you on the side again to see if he can get the new girl. If not then back to you , if he can... well your out of luck.

    Thats the reality of it.


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