Girl says we have a connection but won't let me kiss her.

So the first time I hung out with this girl was when I was visiting my parents back home and we ended up drinking

Quite a bit and we made out heavy. I noticed through the night she would try to impress me. We met up next day for lunch and had great conversation but I had to leave in the evening to fly back to where I live.

For the next month we texted a bit but she wasn't very proactive about contacting me. Then by chance I found out she would be in a neighboring city while we were on our respective business trips. I invited her to hang out with me for 3 days and we spoke on the phone for two hours just talking. She kept saying "wow you know exactly what I'm thinking" and I felt a connection.

Fast fwd to the trip and we had a blast. Every night I would sneak into her room we would lay together, talk, and cuddle but when I went for the kiss she would never let me. I tried multiple times and I wouldn't stop until after maybe 6 tries (as long as she was smiling). Haha. She said it was a gut feeling she wouldn't tl me more.

Though She told me her secrets, asked me what I look for in a girl, told me she wasn't seeing anyone, agreed with me that she felt more connection with me on this trip, that she thought I was a cool guy. When I said I want to see her more often but it might b hard because we live in diff cities...she assured me we still could.

When we were parting for our flights, I tried one more time in a semi-private place to kiss her and again she wouldn't let me. She wouldn't tell me why. Its starting to make me really wonder. Ladies what do you think? Thanks!


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  • It seems that she just want to take it slow.

    She gets the kiss as something sexual and wants to defer it to a future date, and just want to see if the two of you are compatible for a relationship.