Not really sure where to go from here.

I love spending time with this guy, he's super sweet when we're together. However he disappears for a couple days when we're not together. Which I would be completely fine with except he rarely respond to any texts I send.

Last night I got drunk for a friends birthday and complained about he's lack of communication via drunk text. I apologized this morning, but he still hasn't responded. I'm worried I either messed things up, or am just being kept as a side toy.

I'm not really sure what to do next


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  • I would suggest the next time you two are together, ask him about it. If he doesn't respond to your texts and if he disappears when you guys aren't together, then maybe he isn't interested. If a guy is interested in a girl, then he'll chase after her. My experience has been like that too when I was getting to know guys and I would like them but they would do the same exact thing to me. I wouldn't text them for a couple of days and if they didn't try to make an effort, I would forget about them and try to find someone new and that's how I found my boyfriend, he chased me when I gave up on relationships. Find a guy who will treat you with respect, make sure he's in it before you get too interested in him or you'll end up getting hurt. And if he says you're playing games, tell him he's the one playing games, he should be mature and man up. Good luck with that..