Is it wrong of me to act like this?

I'm a very smart person (top 10% of my grade with 500 students), but I purposely act dumber than I really am sometimes. I don't mean dumb as in "Hey, let me do a flip off this roof!" I mean that I speak in slang and make really stupid/corny jokes all the time. I usually refer to people as "bruh" and "dude" a lot. Personally I see this as a benefit when it comes to women. I lure them into a false sense of security when they are around me so that they think they know more than me. Then suddenly I correct them in classes or make an excellent point at something and they are caught totally off guard.

Ex. Her: "I got an 76 on that test, I guess you and I need to have a study date so that we don't fail physics..."

Me: "A 76? I got a 94. But yeah bruh I guess we should have a study date Because I don't want a B."

Her: "...Wha? O_O"

I don't know why, but it's very fun to do.


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  • It's not wrong to act like that.

    That's a cool line actually.