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So I have profiles for online dating on the free sites and have been on them for a while. I have had many dates off them but still some questions.

I know many girls on the free sites are bombarded with messages if they look good(or play it off on camera really well). Girls have told me they have gotten like 50 message in a day before. My main question with this is how many of them just say "hi" and nothing else?

How often do girls browse profiles on the site from guys who have not messaged them?

If they see a profile they like, what is the likelihood they'd send a message? If they don't send a first message, why not?

What makes a girl not like a profile?

How many messages(assuming the messages have a casual amount of depth) does it take before a girl is comfortable meeting in person?

How scary is it to exchange numbers off of an online site? I mainly ask this one because I don't have an internet package on my phone and notice that girls aren't phone talking types anymore with all the texting that goes on.


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  • Haha that's a lot of questions! I never tried a free site because of all the creeps/scammers/fakes, but I was on for a while so I'll try to help you out. (:

    Most messages, like AT LEAST 50%, just say, "hi." Or even better, "ur hot" or "we shld tlk XXX-XXX-XXXX" And I'm not going to respond to that. *Maybe* a "hi" if he has a really good profile, but otherwise, no.

    I would browse through a couple times a week, more if I had the time. If I saw a profile I really liked, I'd do something not as forward as a message, but to let them know I'd noticed (on Match you can "wink" or "like" their pictures). How I met my bf: I "liked" his picture, he "liked" mine, he hinted that he wanted me to message him, I messaged him. I wouldn't take that much initiative with most guys, but for the right one I would.

    There's no magic number of messages. Just depends on how well you hit it off and how often you talk. I'd want to talk on the phone first, then meet maybeee a few weeks after we started talking.

    I'd have to talk to you for at least a week or two before giving you my number. But ultimately if you turn out to be a stalker I figure I can always get it changed haha. Never had to go that route thankfully.

    Hope this helps! (:


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