he said he liked me, but won't talk to me? please help!

there was this guy I liked, we talked causally for a while. he's related to my dad's girlfriend. we go to schools two hours apart, but we live in the same hometown. one night, I drunkenly told him I liked him,he said he liked me back too, and wanted to work something out when we both got back home from school and that was really the gist of the conversation. I didn't hear from him for a few days so I texted him something funny and we talked for a while, and then the same thing, conversation just fizzled out after a few hours and he never texted me back. so a week or so later, I texted him and told him that I may not see him as much as I thought because I got a summer internship at school, and he was like 'oh that kinda sucks about the summer, but that's really great you got an internship. and we just talked about that, so I asked him how he really felt about it since everything kind of happened fast and he never responded to me

idk what's going on


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  • He really is interested in you.

    You should spend time with him to make things between the two of you work out.

  • He's probably questioning if things should continue with you


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