Why would anyone want to date people they wouldn't be friends with?

Whiny "Nice Guys" (misogynists) I've seen on the internet constantly complain about ALL WOMEN because of the misandristic female friends they have, who they want to date, who whine to them about how men are the root of all evil.

Why would any male who respects themselves have a friend like that? Why would they even want to date someone like that?! I'm A GIRL AND I don't HAVE friends LIKE THAT!

The same goes for girls, why date perverted jacka$$es you would never be friends with?

Honestly, do they think dating would make their love interest a better person?


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  • It's because "boo hoo women hate guys that are caring they're all evil BUT HAVE SEX WITH ME NOW". Nice Guys™ just think that showering a woman with praise will lead to sex. Many are, or at least seem caring, but they generally don't see the difference between being friends and being sexually attractive. They rarely work to create attraction, and instead just try to be friendly until a woman owes them sex for being so nice.

  • It's not really that way.

    It must be because those guys find those girls attractive and it's just that they are the person who stands out from the crowd for them.

    • I would never do that. EVER. lol That doesn't make any sense to me. Just because someone's physically attractive and standout, doesn't make them good to date.

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