Should I text her again?

So I sent a text the other day to a girl, and she never responded, which is weird since she always does. She kinda made me mad a couple weeks ago and she did apologize to me, which is rare for her, but some people think that it was bad what she did and that I should never talk to her again. The class we were in together ended two weeks ago, so it's not like we'll bump into each other anywhere, but I kinda missed her so I sent a "how's it going?" type of text just to keep in contact. And she never responded. I was thinking of texting her again and asking if she got my text or is ignoring me, but would that be a bad move? Or should I just delete her number and forget about it? I did kinda like her before, and I really hate to just walk away from someone, but it's not like I'll talk to her all the time like before, so you'd think she would at least text back. I'm just hoping to get a women's perspective on what can be done here.


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  • Ok well considering since you said people said you shouldn't talk to her she may be beating herself up and not wanting to cause you anymore pain. She may feel like she screwed up big time and avoiding you will just remove all of this, she may also feel like because you were mad that now you hate her. Girls tend to over think pretty fast so that may be the case. If all else fails then she could have heard a rumor. I would suggest to text her again but this time say maybe you miss her and want to meet up. Then just talk about everything you must in person

  • Text her again.

    She just might be busy.