He lost the promise ring I gave him. :(

so to let you all know we have been dating for 2 years and I gave him a promise ring to show him I'm not going to be like every other girl he has dated. he lost the first one I gave him so I gave him a new one real metal and was engraved with the date we got together. it wasn't cheap. we lost this one and I'm pissed off cause if I lost the promise ring he gave to me I would have gotten yelled at by him but with him he isn't even looking. Does he even care about it? I don't get it I do a lot of nice things for him and yet this is how I get repaid with oh I lost the ring. that ring meant a lot and took me a lot of courage to give to him. I feel like he doesn't care and it hurts my feelings really bad. :( Please help.

i mean he not we


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  • It's not worth it to be with him.

    He's not putting any effort to take care of your relationship.

  • So far, I'm seeing:

    1) He lost two different rings you gave him.

    2) He doesn't seem to care that it hurt your feelings.

    3) He has a double standard (it's okay for him to lose something, but not you).

    Are you sure you want to be with someone who acts like that?


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